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Steven is a caucasian 9 year old boy, who lives with his mother and younger brother. His father is not part of his life. His mother is the one who supports and takes care of Steven and his brother. I do not have enough information to state whether there are other people in his family that take care of him or are actively involved in his life. Steven is often found smiling and working alone. He currently has an IEP that addresses the changes in his behavior. This is something that Steven has been struggling with since he was in first grade.

Relationships with Children and Adults: Steven has his moments where he is able to be around other students and adults. This all depends on Steven’s mood and how involved he wants to be with other students. Steven is often found alone doing his work. During free time Steven tries to interact with other students. He spends time an hour everyday outside of the classroom talking to his counselor. He also attends the school’s after-school program where he works with the same counselor.

Activities and Interests: Steven enjoys a lot of different activities. He mostly enjoys gym or free time outside. He enjoys playing games that involve him running around. Steven also enjoys sitting down and reading a book or working on his multiplication facts. He also enjoys art class. He enjoys activities that are hands-on. The final product is important for him. When things do not go his way, Steven gets very upset. His response varies. It can be as simple as an outburst, to him pushing things onto the floor to him having to be removed from the classroom.

Formal learning: Steven is always eager to learn new material. Sometimes if Steven is having a bad day, it’ll take him longer to reach the same level of eagerness compared to his good days. He will be the student waiting at his desk for you to start the lesson. Steven relies on multiple processes, such as: observation, memory and steps and sequence. He mostly relies on steps and sequence for all subjects. This process helps keep him on track. He uses a visual aid to state the steps and he later memorizes the steps.Steven prefers math and english. He enjoys working with numbers and reading books. Although Steven is always eager to learn, when first presented with new material he struggles a lot with it. Usually leading to him getting upset and having an outburst.

DMU Timestamp: August 14, 2020 20:51

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