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TTT 01.13.2021 January 6th: Air your opinions. Share your teaching. Build a collection of sources.

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Jan-14-21 Chat Transcript from during the video conversation:

On Wednesday evening, January 13th at 9E/8C/7M/6P, we hope you can join colleagues from around the country in a TTT session where you will be invited to.

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  • Share how you have been teaching about the 2021 storming of the United States Capitol. What have your students been responding to this momentous week!
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Join us on TTT in the middle of these days of endless teachable moments. Connect with colleagues. Share your practice. Plan for further connections for your students. We'll be meeting at on Wednesday evening, January 13th at 9E/8C/7M/6P.
Let's join together!

DMU Timestamp: November 12, 2020 20:50

Added January 14, 2021 at 5:08pm by Paul Allison
Title: Chat Transcript from during the video conversation:


From Reed aka Samuel Reed, III : Paul Hankins, you are my hero bro!

From Anna Maine : aren't we all...

From Paul W. Hankins : Oh, man. We're all here.

From Reed aka Samuel Reed, III : I am using your Assemblage Project to kick off a new unit in the new quarter…

From Reed aka Samuel Reed, III : I just want to shout that project

From Paul W. Hankins : That's so cool. I might have to show you something before the end of the evening. . .

From Anna Maine : oooh can you share that???

From Jake Jacobs :

From Reed aka Samuel Reed, III :

From Anna Maine : thank you both :)

From Paul W. Hankins : Sam: We're weaving into INVISIBLE MAN with read-alouds from Claudia Rankine's CITIZEN. Today, we read through the Serena Williams section. We shared the videos. Introduced students to Art Thoughts with Hennesy Youngman. We trying to dive into and deep. We'll take a break in two weeks to show AT-RISK SUMMER to demonstrate how teens have a tendency to become made invisible.

From Reed aka Samuel Reed, III : Harry good to see you long time no see

From Harry Brake : Sam, that sounds AWESOME! GREAT TO SEE you again Reed!!!

From Paul W. Hankins : Harry: You're so close to the man and the moment. So different here in southern Indiana where we call ourselves the crossroads.

From Paul W. Hankins : Jake: Art in the Bronx. Wow. What a billet. Who is your go-to, gotta-teach artist as feature or part of a movement?

From Anna Maine : definitely interested in that Christina

From Jake Jacobs : I don’t get too much time to get deep into any one artist with my kids, actually, but I show a lot of graffiti and comic art. I wish I could…

From Paul W. Hankins : Jake: So many books coming out of late and coming soon on Keith Haring. The new documentary at PBS was enlightening.

From Christina Cantrill : Great to hear Anna, thanks!

From Christina Cantrill : What’s the other Philly school?

From Christina Cantrill : (Sam, btw, you got a shout out tonight on the BLMatschool Phled webinar … Ismael used the expression “veggie back”

From Christina Cantrill : cool course

From Reed aka Samuel Reed, III : Christina , do you follow Chris Palsey, the conservative Philly educator, who blogs, he kind of my frenemy …

From Christina Cantrill : Oh, I don’t. Thanks.

From Reed aka Samuel Reed, III : Geoff, and this guy go at sometime :) I read his stuff, to get another perspective.

From Jake Jacobs : Paul: Haring is in the NYC standards now. And Basquiat leapfrogged over Picasso and Van Gogh how bout that?

From Paul W. Hankins : Wow. Javaka Steptoe's RADIANT CHILD took the Caldecott Medal a few years ago. His process was to paint on planks like Basquiat.

From Anna Maine : @ Paul H I made this assignment with rhetorical analysis in mind... thought of you and AP lang kids

From Anna Maine :

From Anna Maine :

From Reed aka Samuel Reed, III : we need school house rock back LOL

From Christina Cantrill : In terms of vision, thinking about what the vision of young people is .. this is happening tomorrow for example at PBS Newshour:

From Reed aka Samuel Reed, III : that drilled it in for us….

From Christina Cantrill : Student Voice is another place organizing youth/student voice to inform the administration ahead:

From Anna Maine : This is how I'm going to connect stuff I think:

From Reed aka Samuel Reed, III : I think Born A crime, will allow me to make some connection…

From Christina Cantrill : Queer Organizing Behind the Scenes
Principle: Queer Affirming
January- During January, we find it critical to lift up Bayard Rustin, one of the principal organizers behind the March on Washington which is crowned as one of MLK’s lasting achievements. To be queer-affirming means lifting up our queer ancestors who were at the foundation of our movements throughout time. This deepens the purpose of MLK day to understand that no one person makes a movement, highlighting how MLK’s legacy encompasses the contributions of many.

From Paul W. Hankins : There is an illustrated text about Bayard Rustin by Larry Dane Brimner. Very well done. Quick introduction.

From Paul W. Hankins : WE ARE ONE is the name of that book. I have it in 407, but I had to go find the title real quick.

DMU Timestamp: November 12, 2020 20:50

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