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Grade 7 Worded Problem Solving

Question 1:
Jamie and Ted both get paid an equal hourly wage of $9 per hour. This week, Ted made an additional $27 dollars in overtime. Write an expression that represents the weekly wages of both if J = the number of hours that Jamie worked this week and T= the number of hours Ted worked this week? What is another way to write the expression?

Question 2:
All varieties of a certain brand of cookies are $3.50. A person buys peanut butter cookies and chocolate chip cookies. Write an expression that represents the total cost, T, of the cookies if p represents the number of peanut butter cookies and c represents the number of chocolate chip cookies.

Question 3:
The youth group is going on a trip to the state fair. The trip costs $52. Included in that price is $11 for a concert ticket and the cost of 2 passes, one for the rides and one for the game booths. Each of the passes cost the same price. Write an equation representing the cost of the trip and determine the price of one pass.

Question 4:
Steven has $25 dollars to spend. He spent $10.81, including tax, to buy a new DVD. He needs to save $10.00 but he wants to buy a snack. If peanuts cost $0.38 per package including tax, what is the maximum number of packages that Steven can buy?

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