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Share Activities or Prompt that help students to meet SEL Benchmarks for NYS 6-8

SEL Standards 6-8

1A.3a. Analyze factors that create stress or motivate successful performance.

1A.3b. Apply strategies to manage stress and to motivate oneself to constructively address challenges.

1A.3c. Demonstrate the capacity to maintain concentration on a task.

1B.3a. Analyze how personal strengths and areas in need of improvement influence choices and outcomes.

1B.3b. Analyze how making use of school and community supports and opportunities can help one surmount challenges and contribute to achievement in school and in life.

1C.3a. Set a short-term goal and develop a plan for achieving it.

1C.3b. Analyze why one achieved or did not achieve a goal.

2A.3a. Hypothesize others’ feelings and perspectives in a variety of situations and explain the reasons for one’s conjecture.

2A.3b. Analyze how one’s behavior may affect others.

2B.3a. Explain how individual, social, and cultural differences may increase vulnerability to bullying and identify ways to address it.

2B.3b. Analyze the effects of taking action to oppose bullying and/or bias-based behavior based on individual and group differences.

2C.3a. Analyze ways to establish positive relationships with others

2C.3b. Demonstrate cooperation and teamwork to promote group effectiveness.

2D.3a. Evaluate strategies for preventing and resolving interpersonal problems

2D.3b. Define unhealthy peer pressure and evaluate strategies for resisting it.

Share Activities or Prompt that help students to meet SEL Benchmarks for NYS

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