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A trip to adulthood on the pages of a book- Narrative

A trip to adulthood on the pages of a book

Literature has always been an important part of my life, and children's literature is what started the relationship between me and books. This relationship with literature grew thanks to my aunt. I remember myself as a child receiving lots of books from her. Every

situation was the perfect excuse to bring me a new book: birthdays, christmas, children´s

days or just any other day. As I was growing up, the length and complexity of those books

was growing too and I used to spend hours and hours reading them. Of course, the internet

didn´t exist during those times so there wasn't so much to do. I remember that, during my

adolescence, I used to spend hours at my grandma's reading classics, especially Agatha

Christie books, which were my favourites.

As I became older and started having more obligations I stopped reading as I used to do. For many years I didn't read at all, until a few years ago I discovered a free app to read novels in digital format, so I started to read again. I try to read in the few spare moments I have. Even though I am an adult now, children's literature will always have a special place in my heart. It is thanks to children's literature that I began reading. I remember all of those books, their covers, the smell of their pages and the lovely images. Books just mean childhood to me.

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