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First Questions about LRNG

Author: Youth Voices

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Jan-06-17 Later Questions

In addition to the conversations attached to each of these questions, you might look to see if an article at the LRNG Knowledge Base might help.

Where does the work that students create go after they submit in LRNG?

After a Playlist is in use can it be edited?

Can a Playlist be modified as contemporary issues arise?

How can we create a badge?

Can XPs be remixed or re-used? And if they can be remixed, is there a way to make sure the original still exists?

Who reviews student work to issue a badge?

How many XPs go into a Playlist? On average.

How many Resources make up an XP? On average.

What's the size & scale of a Playlist?

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Added January 06, 2017 at 9:48am by Paul Allison
Title: Later Questions

Is there a badge creator fairie? It looks like we want the badges to be uniform, but I'm not sure how to do this and make mine fit the rest of the system. Should I plunge ahead or with whatever I can do? Where can I ask for help?

With published XPs - can we just make edits without renaming them?

“Resources” do not get duplicated. Do you know of any work arounds?

For one of the "Show and Proves," we discussed learners sharing research topics, but not creating another Youth Voices post. Instead, we’d like to have a shared conversation on Youth Voices or padlet. Does this work or does something else make sense/

We’re working on adding in more tagging to our playlists to note specific conversations on Youth Voices.

Some "Show and Proves" note that learners should upload their work. Where does that work go? We think in LRNG, but wanted to check. Is it ok to upload work in LRNG? Should we send all work to Youth Voices? Also, can curriculum creators upload content on LRNG or is that an eventual roll out?

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