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TTT#520 Give Sarah Woodard feedback on her LRNG Playlist, Craft Like a Columnist (Streamed Live, Wed Jan 25, 2017)

Author: Teachers Teaching Teachers

On TTT this Wed night 01.25 at 9ET/6PT, join the members of our the Youth Voices LRNG team and give +Sarah Woodard feedback on her playlist with XP's and a digital badge: Craft Like a Columnist.

Sarah describes this online, blended curriculum like this to youth:

This playlist will provide you the opportunity to inquire into the rhetorical choices a national columnist employs to write arguments. After selecting a columnist to study, you will read, annotate, and analyze at least three columns; write a blog post reflecting on your learning; and then try your hand at writing a column about an issue of your choice by applying rhetorical techniques you learned from analyzing the columnist's writing.

When youth complete the XP (online experiences) they will apply for a badge by showing work that meets some of the criteria specified on the +National Writing Project's Civically Engaged Writing Analysis Continuum
-Employs effective rhetorical strategies, tone, and style very well suited for the purpose of encouraging civic discourse or convincing the intended audience to support the argued position

--Effectively advocates for increased awareness, a desired change, or direct civic action in relation to an intended audience

As well as competencies from +Mozilla Webmakers's Web Literacy - 21st Century Skills

--Analyzing messages from others for implicit or explicit meaning to inform one’s own approach.

--Seeking guidance to refine technique/approach to enhance effectiveness.

--Writing with appropriate clarity, grammar and punctuation, and necessary information.

Join us on Teachers Teaching Teachers on Wed, Jan 25 at 9pm ET/6pm PT to read through this exciting LRNG playlist! We'll read through each element with Sarah with the goal publishing this curriculum soon. Come see how Sarah has put this all together for the youth who are publishing and commenting on Youth Voices!

As always when we do these descriptive consultations we will all learn as much about our own work of creating online projects for youth on the LRNG platform.

Please join us in the Hangout or watch and chat at at 8pm Central/7pm Mountain on Wednesday, January 25, 2017.

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