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Tagged with: youthvoices

Tagged with: youthvoices

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American Education System 4 10 months Yulisa Padilla Mar-24-19 Information-grey
"School Prayer," by Diane Ackerman 17 8 months GEORGE TASE Mar-25-19 Information-grey
"Changes," by Tupac Shakur (Denson copy) 9 6 months Derek Denson Apr-08-19 Information-grey
"Immigrants in Our Own Land," by Jimmy Santiago Baca 11 8 months IWEEN GENTY Mar-25-19 Information-grey
Color & Heritage. 5 10 months Julissa Gonzalez Apr-08-19 Information-grey
"She Walks in Beauty," by Lord Byron (George Gordon) 9 8 months ANAEE MERO Apr-03-19 Information-grey
"To an Athlete Dying Young," by A. E. Housman 9 8 months ISAIAH HARRIOTT Apr-03-19 Information-grey
"Little Things Are Big" (L1), by Jesús Colón 40 7 months Grace Raffaele Oct-06-18 Information-grey
"Sonnet 129': Th' expense of spirit in waste of Shame," William Shakespeare 6 8 months Student Jillian Wood Apr-08-19 Information-grey

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