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Jaylin C



I am a student at New Directions Secondary School. I’m Jaylin. I’m 15 years old . I have 3 brothers named Jeffrey,Irandy,and Orlando.I was born on August 8,1998. I’m Dominican and proud to be Dominican.
When I’m outside of school I like doing a lot of things like being with my friends,my cousins. Specially when its summer time we do bbqs ,we go to the beach together and we all have fun.

Everytime I’m with my friend Jennifer I feel like my self ,because the connection me and her have its strong,my best friend Jennifer is my everything, my whole world, even though we argue, and fight. Yeah me and her stood away from each other for a few, but Jennifer will still be my life, and I will always love her with all my heart.
Aside of being with my best friend I also like spending time with my cousin I also like spending time playing soft ball, and my favorite position is pitching because its easier for me. We practice at least three times a week, we play against other teams.And I love going to soft ball because it keeps me from not being home bored , and is healthy because we do exercise. I only play softball from spring to summer.
I’m also from a place called “Bani” in the Dominican Republic. I love the mangos from over there. I also love going to a place called “Villa Palmera. I also love going to the river , and beach. My mom also has a house over there , most of my family live there too.

I’m a student at New Directions Secondary.I really like this school because , the staffs and teachers are nice. They also try to make us finish our work . They also help us to do the work, for example “Rafael” is one of the coolest staffs and he also helps me and others with their work. They also give us the benefits like they give us computers to do the work for we wont have to write.They also giving us the opportunity to past this year to put us in the grade we belong in. I really enjoy attending New Directions!

Another thing I like doing is spending time with my niece. When I’m with my niece I take her out to places , like Mc Donalds, or when we go to the mall I take her to Toys R’us .I also like watching cartoons with her . I do her hair, I feed her, and I also put her to sleep I play with her

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