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Teens Take The MET Return to Group

We invite you to talk back to artists who, throughout history, have made the street--and how we gather, connect, and move there--a centerpiece of their work.

One can't help but wonder if the focus of this collection, James Nares' video, Street captures scenes we may never see again because of the Coronavirus Pandemic. This video shows--as the artist himself describes, "a city full of people frozen in time, caught Pompeii-like, at a particular moment of thought, expression, or activity." Will we ever be on the street that way again?

Watch and annotate Nares' video, then read and annotate the exhibition overview, and annotate the objects that he curated from The MET Collection to surround his video when it was first shown in 2013. Make connections, make observations, ask questions, and show your opinions. Write poetry, dialogues, short stories. Respond to this video and these images with your own creativity!

Watch this trailer for Street, then scroll down to the documents below and find:

  • A longer excerpt of Street that you can annotate (or click here)  
  • Also, find the exhibition overview
  • And 66 images or exhibition objects that James Nares chose from The MET Collection to show how other artists across history have represented the street.

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