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My Library Help Page

My Library, your NowComment homepage, shows you the Documents you've uploaded and the Documents that others have shared with you (see other documentation pages about the Groups and Folders that also appear on the My Library page).

My Library page

Clicking on a document's title takes you to the document's “View” page, where you can read the document and all the comments on it.

By default, My Library lists your documents based on when they are added to your My Library page; this is the “normal sort”, based on the date you created or gained access to the document (in the latter case, this is not necessarily the date the document was created). To the left of the document name there's a thin column that will have one of the following:

  1. filled-in bullet (3rd document in screenshot) — a document you've never viewed before (“new”)
  2. unfilled bullet (1st document in screenshot) — a document you've viewed before that has since been edited or had material added to it (“updated”)
  3. no bullet/empty column (2nd document in screenshot) — a document you've seen the most current version of (new comments won't trigger a bullet of either kind)

Next to the “My Library” header a button may appear showing how many documents are new or updated (in the screenshot there are 19). If you click that button the sort will change to put all the new documents at the top of the My Library document list, and then all the updated documents, and then the documents you're current on. Within each category, the newest documents are listed first. Click the same button again to return to the normal sort.

You can sort in other ways by clicking any of the blue toolbar headers:

  • Title (of document) — list documents alphabetically
  • Comments (either total number or most recent) — view the most or least heavily commented documents
  • Invited By — who invited you to the document (your name will appear for documents you uploaded)
  • Shared — the date you were invited to the file (not the date it was created)

Clicking the same header twice in a row reverses the sort order.

The checkboxes along the far left side let you act on multiple documents at the same time. Check the boxes of each document on the page you want to take one of the following actions on, and then click just one of the four buttons at the bottom of the page (“Invite”, “Delete”, “Tag”, or “Mark as Favorite”) to perform that action on all the selected documents at once.

Hovering over the “i” information icon towards the right end of the document listing provides additional document details, such as when it was created, whether it's Public or Private (private document have a padlock icon), etc. If you want more information, clicking on the “i” will take you to the Properties page.

The Options drop down at the far right provides a menu of available actions. The screenshot below shows the full options available to the Document Owner; if you aren't the Document Owner, some of these options will be grayed out, or missing entirely, when you view the Options menu.

My Library options drop down menu
  • Invite — This is how you let other people and NowComment groups see and comment on the document. Anyone can share (invite others to) a Public Documents, but only the Document Owner can invite others to Private Documents, and this option will be grayed out (unclickable) for anyone other than the Document Owner.
  • Add to Document — The Document Owner can always add additional material (by essentially uploading a new document and having the system add it to the end of the current document). Others with access to the document can add material only if the Document Owner allows it (a Document Properties setting).
  • Copy — Use this to make multiple copies of the document (useful if, for example, a teacher wants to use the same document with different sections of a course).
  • Print — Print it to paper or, with many modern operating systems, to PDF or other formats. If your machine doesn't have this option then you may be able to download free utilities to provide this capability (e.g. CutePDF for Windows).
  • Delete — If the Document Owner deletes the document it's removed from the system; if someone else invited to the document deletes it that only removes the document from that account, it doesn't impact anyone else's copy of the document.
  • View Properties — This gives you full information about the document
  • Edit Properties — This lets the Document Owner make changes to the document (e.g. its title, Public vs. Private status, permission for others to add material, document access dates, ability to hide comments). If you aren't the Document Owner this option will be grayed out.
  • Add to Blog — See the documentation on NowComment's built-in blogs.
  • Add to Folder — This copies the document from My Library to another of your folders (the document will then show in both places).
  • Multi-Document Report — This report brings together comments made on multiple documents into a single report.
  • Mark as a Favorite — This makes a document show on your Profile Page as one of your favorites (and if the Favorites checkbox is set in your Notification Settings, you'll get an email each time someone comments on that document).
  • Analytics (former Multi-Doc) Report — This report lets Document Owners and Group Admins sort and tally comments on, and visits to, multiple documents.

We have more overviews and short videos that show you how to use NowComment… or skim our “Features Gallery” for a concise list of its many capabilities.

Last updated: July 23, 2017

© Copyright 2018-2024, Paul Allison.
"NowComment" is a registered trademark of Paul Allison. All rights reserved.

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Quickstart: Commenting and Sharing

How to Comment
  • Click icons on the left to see existing comments.
  • Desktop/Laptop: double-click any text, highlight a section of an image, or add a comment while a video is playing to start a new conversation.
    Tablet/Phone: single click then click on the "Start One" link (look right or below).
  • Click "Reply" on a comment to join the conversation.
How to Share Documents
  1. "Upload" a new document.
  2. "Invite" others to it.

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