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Oct 23

Exactly, that is definitely not fair how if she says slang she gets backlash but if her white friends say it they don’t backlash. Defiefnelty is another example of the injustices in the system.

Oct 23

I like how Starr’s parents are teaching her to be independent young. That is a very good role play in life.

Oct 23
I find this interesting and sad because this is true in a lot of people’s lives. When people lose a loss one they usually want to get better or go over the edge. It’s sad because personally me when I lost my grandma, I went over the edge. So, it touched me. Also, normally a lot of people go over the edge because it’s such a shock and they don’t know what to do.

Oct 23

I agree. Like what don’t they get Khalil did nothing wrong and officer 115 killed him for nothing.

Oct 23

If this investigation is about the cop who killed Khalil then why are they asking personal questions about Khalil and Starr?

Oct 23

Why is the officer keep trying to make Khalil the bad guy? She wants Starr to say yes so bad. This is so messed up. Starr is very strong because I would have gotten very upset and mad during this meoment.

Oct 23

How dare the officer asks that during that time? She wants to make Khalil to bad guy so bad instead of seeing that the officer was wrong.

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