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May 29

In What Sally Said, Cisneros reveals the harsh reality of Sally’s violent home life, where she downplays the brutality of her father’s abuse and seeks refuge among friends. The juxtaposition of Sally’s longing for freedom and her ultimate submission to societal pressures reflects the tangled web of challenges faced by young girls in marginalized communities.
The Monkey Garden serves as a metaphorical backdrop for the loss of innocence and the inevitability of change. As the garden transforms from a place of wonder to one of neglect and decay, Cisneros captures the bittersweet essence of growing up and leaving childhood behind.
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May 28

In my opinion, this line of thinking was able to take off with the advent of free market systems. The rise of the middle class freed people to explore novel concepts.

May 21

It’s a bit exaggerated in this context. The change affects the entire planet and all people in general, not just students. Similarly, students can be easily replaced with carpenters or energy workers, and a hundred examples can be thought of. This is our common global problem, and people shouldn’t turn a blind eye to it.

May 15

She wants to screem cry, there is a sharp rage coursing through her. But instead see doesn’t do that she tries to hold it together and pretend she s ok

May 15

Gamifying sexual harassment so that it sounds fun and normal

May 15

Tactile imigary cold rough fingers on my waist

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